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Foam Foamiran 0,8 mm - 30x35 - Dark Yellow

2,40 zł

SIZE: approx. 30 x 35 cm


PACKAGE: 1 sheet

Foamiran’s blender-flower - making foam is used in educational art studios in order to teach making blender ornamental flowers. Long foams of Foamiran are available in different colors in order to present the costumers with flowers with natural colors. Natural colors could be used indeed to add color to this flower- making foam if necessary. The important point about this flower- making foam is that it is washable. This blender- flower- making foam can be washed with water and it is not necessary to use detergents. The flowers which are made by these foams could be used for various purposes. In addition to being used to decorate the house, these flowers can be used to decorate curtains and walls in birthday parties and they could be used to decorate tea trays and they can even be used as hair clips. This flower- making foam is suitable for women who like to add different colors to their homes and rooms as each season comes along or have the desire to possess flowers with the same color as their furniture and other instruments within their homes and rooms.

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